The Walker Real Estate Group Chicago



Carla Walker was recommended to me by a friend. She did an excellent job in selling my townhome. She had a plan from the start and incorporated all her skills into marketing for the sale. She covered all the necessary steps including professional photos, an open house, and answering all the questions from potential buyers. She was very knowledgeable of the current market, was responsive to my calls, negotiated a great contract for me, and kept me informed through the various stages of the sale including the closing. I was very pleased with Carla and I highly recommend her." 

"My husband and I were recently relocated to Chicago. We worked with Carla Walker as our agent and thanks to her, we found and bought our townhouse in Lincoln Park. Carla proved to be a very responsible and reliable agent and we highly recommend her.

Since we were relocated from a different country, we were not familiarized with the process of buying a property in the US and Carla was great at providing extra explanations, having patience and helping us make the experience less stressful. She got and booked the appointments for the showings really fast, organized efficient and time-saving showing tours and delivered useful information. She was very good at helping us explore different types of properties (and the lifestyles that go with them) within our budget and, once we had made up our minds, she perfectly understood our needs and desires and found the perfect home for us. 
Carla kept in close contact with us during the process of placing the offer, negotiating, signing the contract and dealing with all the parties and steps that come together at that point. Another great thing about working with Carla is that she always answers her calls and mail, or she gets back to you shortly. She is really committed to her work and her clients; she worked with us pretty late on a Sunday so we could have some paperwork ready, and when she had to leave town, Jim stayed in contact with us. 
Carla definitely knows her business and she is passionate about it. Plus, she is friendly and fun and this helps a lot, because you end up spending a good amount of time with your agent. She made a difference for us in the process of buying a property in Chicago. We are very happy we had the chance of meeting her. We highly recommend her!" 

whiteclouds (Buyers) 
Chicago, IL 
"My husband and I were first time homebuyers and we just closed on our new condo. Carla was very helpful and very patient. We had a lot of questions not only about the condos but about the buying process and she answered all of them patiently and as if she didn't have anything or anywhere to be (even though I know that she had plenty of other clients/appointments). She was even happy to have my parents along for part of the ride! 

The most outstanding part of our experience was that even though my husband and I loved (and eventually bought) the first condo we saw, she was very adamant about making sure that we saw plenty of other options in our desired location and other very good neighborhoods. This only helped us feel more comfortable with our purchase but we definitely saw some others that we liked. 
All in all, we would definitely recommend Carla and will use her again when we need to sell or purchase in the future. 
Good luck to future buyers!"

Chicago, IL 
"Carla Walker, and her husband Jim, have represented us in the purchase of our home at 1310 N. Ritchie Ct, the subsequent quick sale of that property three years later, and the purchase of our new home at 1300 N. Lake Shore Dr. At all times during each of those transactions they conducted themselves with the greatest degree of professionalism and always guided by our best interests. They are very knowledgeable of the market and are professionals you can trust."

Ariel Goldschmidt
"My wife and I have worked with Carla through 3 successful real estate transactions: buying our first home in Chicago, selling our first home, and buying our second dream home. When it came to buying our first house, although we were not from the Chicago area, Carla immediately put us at ease and within a whirlwind 2 day period gave us the knowledge and confidence necessary to 'snatch up' a wonderful townhouse. When it became necessary to sell this townhouse 3 years later because of a growing family, Carla and her husband Jim gave us some tough love about items to take care of in order to attract buyers; although a chore, ultimately their advice helped us sell our house within a single week! Finally, when it came to buying our second dream home, we had to endure a rollercoaster emotional experience of ups and downs and tough negotiations with the seller. Carla never gave up on our purchase attempt and I believe her ability to achieve a cordial relationship with the seller's agent helped us to 'seal the deal."

Eric Knepper (Seller) 
Chicago, IL 
"My downtown condo was on the market for 8+ months with another agent and first thing Carla did when she visited was make suggestions on how to improve my condo's marketability - before she even had the contract! She and her team sold my condo in a couple of months and were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended across the board excellent!"

Chicago, IL 
"Let’s turn back the clock, longer than I’d like to mention, to our first meeting. You have an uncanny ability to read and accommodate people, Carla. At the time I had over 1,000 employees at my companies. I was very hands on, and I remember thinking that you portrayed the “people culture” that I worked so hard to teach. As you sensed, I buy but I do not get sold, and it was impressive how for years you threw out the bait; always a pretty property on the lure but I never felt it was right to bite. We had our minds set on the Watertower residences, southeast exposure, but at a value reflecting my ability to close quick and with no contingencies.

Your unexpected phone call about our new unit was SO appreciated…the perfect apartment under perfect circumstances. This sale would never have closed with you continually and tactfully piecing me back together, and your patience in walking me through the onerous and insulting application process was truly above and beyond. My attorneys now want you to be their contact to me!

The only way to repay your loyalty and incredible tenacity is by my becoming your greatest reference and advocate. Know that I never refer anyone, EVER-this shows the high level of confidence and that I have for you. Networking with these referrals and my other friends will someday be very beneficial as they control some of the largest properties in Chicago.

My wife and I wish you continued success and our family will always be thankful to you for presenting us with the opportunity for our new home in the sky."

Tom and Ginny Helm (Seller & Buyer) 
Chicago, IL 
"We worked with Carla to sell our Gold Coast condo during the difficult summer of 2010. She was creative in pursuing new approaches to encourage buyers; she was tireless in her work on our behalf. And she was superb in serving us in negotiating both the sale of our condo and the purchase of another condo--in Lakeview. We would use her again in a heartbeat and would recommend her to anyone seeking the consummate professional and extraordinarily knowledgeable realtor."

Peter Brusca (Seller)
Chicago, IL 
"The Walker Team is outstanding. They guided us through a difficult negotiation where the prospective buyer delayed counter offers despite time limits. There perseverance accorded us a better offer with a buyer who was sincere and straight forward. We were very pleased with their professionalism and honesty. A happy seller in Chicago."

Kelly Smith (Seller) 
Chicago, IL 
"Carla and Jim Walker helped me achieve a quick sale at a good price in the challenging fall 2011 housing market.  I can enthusiastically recommend them.  For context, I was selling a 100+ year old home in Roscoe Village.  After we met (and on their advice), I took ~three weeks to fix up the home, we put it on the market with an open house in September and the sale closed in December.

A couple of highlights:

  • They are very proactive.
  • They are open to co-authoring an approach.  Carla and Jim advised me on different approaches (fixing up the house, selling as is, etc.) and worked with me to find what worked best for me.  
  • They are aggressive marketers. 
  • They steward the entire process.

"They are truly full service and I was very impressed and satisfied with them.  I would use them again in a second."

Victoire Foley (Buyer & Seller) 
Chicago, IL 
"Carla and Jim Walker are the best real estate agents in the city of Chicago that you could ask for. I sold two properties and purchased a third through them. They are hardworking, dedicated and knowledgeable brokers who deliver 100 percent. Together they are the most trustworthy team in their field, who got the job done to my utmost satisfaction." 

George Mullin (Seller) 
Chicago, IL
"Needing to sell our 3-bedroom condominium in connection with an out-of-state job relocation, Carla stepped right in and gave us exactly what we needed -- a professional and unsugarcoated assessment of current market prices, a sensible pricing strategy and a road map to get our condo onto the market. Carla also connected us with the right team of organizers, painters and handy men who pitched in to help my wife get our condo into a market-ready condition in less than 2 weeks. Three weeks after listing in the summer of 2011 we had a contract, and in eight weeks, a successful closing. This lady knows what she is doing. If you need assistance in selling your house in connection with a relocation, I highly recommend Carla."

Kathryn Vargish (Seller) 
Chicago, IL
"During a buyer’s market, it’s more important than ever to have an enthusiastic, positive, and informed realtor represent you and your home. Carla Walker and her team are the best by far. Due to her thoughtful analysis of comparable condominiums, we were able to competitively price our condo and have to purchase contract that met our expectations in 187 days. From the very beginning, through the walk-through and closing, Carla advised us on all aspects of selling a home. She gave us tips on how to represent our home in the best possible way. She and her team developed eye appealing marketing materials and sent timely mailings to other agents and potential buyers.

Carla’s friendly, unobtrusive personality engenders close relationships with other agents. Through her network with other agents we continually had showings 2-3 times per week, which led to the sale of the property. She makes a point of being in the unit for ALL showings so can solicit immediate comments from other agents and potential buyers. She promptly conveys these comments and stays in touch several times a week with updates and upcoming appointments for viewing. She remains objective during the contract negotiations, but also provides helpful advice when needed, and can recommend a competent real estate attorney for the closing.

It is easy to understand why Carla is an award-winning agent with Prudential Rubloff. I strongly endorse her services for anyone interested in a timely sale of their home."


Stephen J. Hill; North America Vice President of General Motors (Buyer) 
Grand Blanc, MI
"In my career, I have bought and sold a dozen houses and have had dealings with numerous Realtors. I have never received the attention, excellent follow up and counsel that I got from Carla. Always professional and a very good partner to have on your team when buying or selling real estate. I highly recommend her!"

Bruce Katz (Seller) 
Chicago, IL 
"We met Carla Walker during stressful circumstances, losing our mom. From the onset, she was warm and caring, yet professional and definitely knew the area and how to guide us. I know now that we should have taken her excellent advice and remodeled the kitchen first, then put it on the market. Instead, we waited 4-5 months, then did so. Oy! That was a rough year for us and Carla made it better for us. We are extremely appreciative for all her hard work. Carla was very easy to communicate with, always available by phone or email. As changes in the market were becoming evident, we felt she kept “moving” our property, offering “keeping it fresh and out there.” For those 9-10 months, she stayed in constant touch, quite impressive as I look back on it. "

Michael Deatherage and Janet Deatherage  (Buyers & Sellers) 
Chicago, IL
“Throughout the entire transaction of our sale -from placing our condominium on the market, to the final contract for sale, Carla and Jim Walker were there for us: answering numerous questions, acting as cheerleaders and giving us all the support we needed, therefore making for a very smooth transition. 
The buying of our new home evolved into a rather complex and lengthy red tape situation, whereby Carla took charge and in a matter of hours literally saved our purchase contract. Her consistent dedication to our situation and continued perseverance helped us get through some very frustrating moments. We are more than happy to recommend both Carla and Jim to anyone who is looking for consummate professionals in the Chicago real estate market.  We cannot imagine how we could have managed these past few months without them.” 

Dr. Irvin D. Reid  (Buyer)
Wayne State University, MI 
"We had known many agents in real estate but had never met someone so professional, good-natured, hardworking, patient and understanding. From our initial phone conversation it was clear that we had the good fortune of someone who loved her work, took pride in her professionalism and cherished principles of commitment and devotion to her clients.

We saw countless properties during the time we worked with Carla. The end of this story is that within less than a four-month period, Carla assisted us in our decision to purchase not one, not two, but three condos all in Streeterville. She has never suggested needs that we did not have or failed to provide us assistance that we needed. Would I recommend her to others? Absolutely, although we would always expect what we will remain her number one customer. I suspect this it the sentiment of all of her customers.”

Steve and Amy Gray (Sellers)
Anthem, AZ
“They say selling a home is one of the most stressful things in life; however, you made it very easy for us. Your knowledge of the Chicago area, and your wisdom and expertise was evident throughout the sales process. We appreciated your unrelentless sales passion throughout the selling process. Not only did you exhibit flawless professionalism, but also you went above and beyond. In a tough market with a lot of inventory, you were able to set our unit apart with great advertising and outstanding customer service resulting in a fast sell. Thank you is not enough to convey how happy we are with the whole process as well as the end result”. 

Laura Bergfield (Buyer and Seller) 
Chicago, IL
“You really went above and beyond to make the experience as painless as it could be for me. Your contacts and marketing approach proved that you could sell my condo in a slow market. You always had my best interest at heart. I couldn’t have done it without you” 

Mary Guthrie (Seller) 
Playa Delray, CA
"I wanted to thank you briefly for your unparalleled “never give up” attitude with my condo on La Salle. You went out of your way to help me SO MANY TIMES and I am very appreciative of the extra effort you put into selling my unit when I lived so far away. Thank you again for your tremendous efforts."

Courtney Stark Cope (Buyer) 
Chicago, IL
“You spent a tremendous amount of time and effort over several months in order to ensure that we found the house that was right for us. You took the time to really get to know us and understand our tastes. Once you got to know us, you always showed us places that we could see ourselves in. You never tried to convince us to bid on a place that was not right for us. 
I would  (and do) highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a new home. I doubt that they would be able to find a better real estate agent”. 

Mary Ellen Martin (Buyer) 
Chicago, IL
“I was a first- time home buyer with a tight budget looking in a very competitive market. In said market, any good opportunity would be lost to he who hesitated. I had searched for properties previously with other agents but became frustrated because of their lack of follow through and slow reaction to my requests. My search was unsuccessful until a friend recommended I contact Carla. I was immediately impressed by Carla’s professionalism and knowledge of the market.  She exhibited great diligence and tenacity in meeting my requests. She did an excellent job of finding the optimum match of my top criteria with what the market offered. Best of all, Carla maintained a sensitivity to my first-time jitters and had the instincts to know when I needed to contemplate and when I needed encouragement. I am thoroughly pleased with my search experience and would recommend Carla to anybody seeking an agent who will jump through hoops to satisfy her client”. 

Ann Weeks (Buyer & Seller) 
Silver Spring, MD
“Thank you so much for all your help in selling my unit in James House. We could not have been more pleased with the service that you provided during the rental of the condo; preparing the unit for sale; and eventually handling the sale of the unit. As absentee owners, we were particularly grateful for the initiative that you took in handling a variety of repairs requested by the buyer. Your attention to detail made the entire transaction go much more smoothly than might have been expected. Your continual optimism, good humor and extra efforts throughout the entire process were much appreciated. We are pleased that you were so successful in handling the sale of both of our Chicago properties.” 

Judy and Abel Friedman (Buyers) 
Chicago, IL
“It was our good fortune to be associated with you when began our search for a downtown apartment. When we chose the place we would purchase, you were informative, helpful, direct and honest-how refreshing! Once we made our decision, you communicated with us and made sure that every detail was attended to properly and efficiently. Within a very short time, everything was completed. We can now enjoy this beautiful apartment knowing that it all began on such a smooth, happy note.”